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          Study power

          Research strengths

          The rapid development of Tairui over the years is mainly due to our emphasis on the importance of science and technology. We strongly value technological advancement, and have increased scientific and technological investments, and the quantity of highly-skilled professionals . Currently , the company has state-level enterprise technical centers, national joint engineering laboratories , autonomous innovation centers , research and development centers of new veterinary talent, autonomous foreign trade and national public service platform; Biochemical Engineering Technology Research Center of Ningxia sub-centers and other platforms . Research facilities include fermentation labs, new veterinary laboratory , information centers, analysis and testing centers and small scale pilot plants, all equipped with automatic high-performance liquid chromatography, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry , gas chromatography, infrared spectroscopy, UV spectrophotometer, automatic multi biochemical reactions , ion implanter , gel imager , high-throughput shake flask machines and other equipment and instruments . Tairui’s number of scientific and technical personnel account for 24 percent of our total employee base. In recent years , the company’s national technology centers and engineering labs increased investment in research and development efforts; accounting for more than 3% of the sales revenue. Tairui has successfully developed more than 10 new products including Tilmicosin Phosphate. Tairui has won many accolades including Level One importance from China’s State Ministry of Science, with four projects in the government’s Rapid Development List and eight in the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Ministry of Science and Technology Achievements industrial transformation list, four autonomous scientific and technological projects , and six projects on Yinchuan’s Scientific and Technological list. Since the development of our new IT system, we were awarded the National Science and Technology Innovation “Eleventh Five-Year” Award for outstanding project implementation . Tairui has won ” China ‘s Outstanding Private Technology Enterprises “, ” The Third Installment of Innovative Pilot Enterprises in China ” and many more such awards. Fruitful results achieved in technological innovation for the sustained and healthy development of our enterprise enabled the rapid development of our products from a single raw material medicine to Tylosin , Tiamulin , Tilmicosin , premixes, granules three formulations , and dozens of others. Due to continuous innovation and development, Tairui has become the primary domestic veterinary antibiotics bulk drug supplier, and the leading formulations and additives veterinary research and development expert. Our goal is to continue to increase our production and sales, develope more varieties, strive for better technology and quality, and become the model for international enterprise development .

          Study power